In the least shocking news of all-time, J.R. Smith hasn't apologized to Jae Crowder for his flying elbow

The NBA is filled with a lot of classy guys, J.R. Smith is not one of them. The Cavs' guard even admitted to being a dirty player after the Cavs Game 5 win against the Bulls, in which Chicago forward Taj Gibson was ejected for kicking Cleveland's Matthew Dellavdova, after a scrum under the hoop.

Per ESPN's Dave McMenamin:

It was a dirty play.Delly plays hard; he's not going to try to hurt anybody. But that was a dirty play. I know a little thing about dirty plays, so, it was a bad play. [The referees] made the right decision [to eject Gibson] ... There's just certain things you just don't do.

Hey the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. The words from Smith are even more reason to root for the Bulls to take Game 6 and then break the hearts of Clevelanders in Game 7.

Celtics' fans remember Smith's antics in Game 4 of their first-round series, when the hot-tempered guard elbowed the C's Jae Crowder, a blow that resulted in Crowder being carried off the court by his teammates:

Smith was recently asked if he had reached out to Crowder, regarding the incident, and here is his answer.

Per NorthEast Media Group's Chris Haynes:

Before Smith was suspended, he told Northeast Ohio Media Group that he would reach out to Crowder. When I asked if he attempted to do so, he said "nope."

Stay classy J.R. and keep riding LeBron's coattails.

Let's Go Bulls!!!

Photo credit: Rocky Widner/NBAe

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