The Celtics are not heading to the playoffs ... yet

Better put the champagne back in the fridge because the Celtics are not heading to the playoffs tonight.

After defeating the Cavaliers 117-78, all the Celtics needed was an Indiana loss to reach the playoffs.
But despite dropping a career high 54 points, Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder could not get the job done for the C's losing to the Indiana Pacers 116-104. 

However, we won't have to wait too long for another chance to clinch a playoffs berth.

If the Nets lose to the Bulls in Brooklyn tomorrow, the Celtics are in.

Right now the Celtics are slotted to be the 7th seed and would face LeBron James and a much better Cleveland Cavaliers team than the one they stomped on this afternoon.
This would the first time that head coach Brad Stevens, Marcus Smart, Isaiah Thomas and many other Celtics would taste the playoffs while Gerald Wallace has logged a team high 685 playoff minutes.

Some things to note, Brad Stevens said after the win today that if his team did clinch a playoff spot, he would only rest guys if the training staff said they needed it or if any players requested a night off.

He also went on to say that nothing changes and their focus will be on their 11am Toronto walkthrough on Tuesday.

But if you want to shift your focus on the playoffs, tip off for the Nets-Bulls game tomorrow at the Barclays Center is set for 7:30.

Who would have thought we'd be rooting for these kinds of losses.

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