Cup of Joe. Evan Turner has some things to say about Lebron James' son

Beef is when you tell someone that their 10 year old son isn't that good at basketball

"And then LeBron came over to me because I'm (a former Ohio State) Buckeye or whatever, and I told him I know a little guy who can beat his young guy. He asked me who and I said Andre Iguodala Jr."


That'll take Lebron down a notch. He's walking around the court, beating his chest acting all cool (/douchey) and like 98% of that is because he thinks his ten year old son is the best at youth basketball. NEWSFLASH BRUH, Evan Turner - who apparently scouts under 12 year old basketball games on the side - thinks that Andre Iguodala's seven year old son is better.

"He's pretty tall, too. He's like seven and he's up to here," Turner said, holding his hand up at approximately chest height. "He's going to be pretty good. He can actually shoot.

Lebron Jr. can take his mixtapes and shove it. Basketballs about winning, not showboating. And clearly that's what Andre Iguodala's son - and I don't know his name but I'm just going to guess it's Corey - is all about. Corey Iguodala, who once allegedly beat a fourth grader in a game of horse, is down at the park. Nailing shots from distance to make sure when all the dust is settled, he's traveling to Chuck E. Cheese for the season ending team get together as a winner.

So here's what I'm thinking. If the Cavs play the Celtics in the first round (and it certainly looks like that will happen) I think our best chance is to all pool our money together and pay for Iggy's son to come to a game.

Imagine this; Lebron's getting warmed up, he walks over to the scorers table and is about to do his chalk toss when a single gong plays over the PA. The lights go out, and everyone is silent. When it comes back on, Corey Iguodala is standing at half court, pointing a single finger at Lebron. It's his time now, and Lebron knows it. And it spooks Lebron so badly that he can't keep his mind on the task at hand. He's throwing horrible passes, badly missing shots until he just outright quits. Never to be seen or heard from again.

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