Green Envy: what Cavs fans said - 4/12

It could have be the Masters being on today or that the big "four" was sitting for Cleveland, but the Cav forums were quiet during the game and even more so when it turned into a blow-out. The commenters that did show up were sub-par from the get and definitely checked out in the suckiness of their home squad. Regardless they still feel pretty confident of a potential first round match-up with us, read on to see what Cavs fans had to say.

Top 3

Not having a point guard makes Smart look like a decent defender

Maybe we can get some point Perk. Now that would be entertaining

I hope this makes Bill Simmons happy.

Play of the game (Jerebko to Olynyk: white guy alley-oop)

The celtics are really digging their own grave for the playoffs with that dunk

The Full Slate

Would it be ethical to throw two consecutive games to the same team?

Glad our big 4 are sitting out, I'd try to limit Moz, TT and Shump's minutes too. At least there won't be any talk about if we're actually trying to win today like there was Friday.

This lineup might actually be better defensively than our usual starting lineup

oh boy this game is gonna be ugly

What are the odds that we don't score in the quarter?...In the game?

Timo’s bout to go Wilt on em

Perkins makes me laugh so much

Perk the defensive juggernaut.

There are literally only two people playing today who can dribble the ball up the court…….and one of them is Shumpert……

Did you see perk’s nine step travel on shaqtin a fool? LOL its like he’s playing some other sport out there

Where is Love? Why is he not on the bench with the others? Back issue?

The no name Cavs are hanging with a playoff team throught the fisrt qtr. - you have to applaud that effort...

I wish we didn’t have to give up Zeller he would’ve been such a nice backup center on this team

Boston has gone nuclear from the outside.

LMAO this is so bad

About the only mystery is, will there be a Haywood sighting?

THis game is like watching practice on Sunday.

Buzz, your girlfriend… Woof.

This game is super over

Wow these bench scrubs are horrible. 9 points for one quarter?!? Griffin needs to take a long look at this for next year. We have the worst bench I've seen in a long time!

Marion is trash. i do not want to see him on the floor in the playoffs at all.

I wish we could just morph Marion and Miller into one player it would be beautiful

Although I know this game means nothing, we have to be concerned about our bench. Pretty bad. No surprise because it's been that way all year. Sigh.

I’ll never forget the look on Simmons face when we won the lottery last year. It’ll be that times 6 at halftime through game 1 when he realizes they’re totally f’d

One quarter of this bonanza left.

Celtics getting cocky after we intentionally lose 2 games to em lol can't wait to sweep these guys in the 1st round.

The way that I am feeling about this game right now....

Its 1 thing to lose against this team by 20 or less with just our bench but to lose by damn near 40?! Our starters are going to average 40 mins in the playoffs

It is what it is. We have eight (maybe slightly less than) NBA players.

I'll echo what I said on Friday, very smart loss by the Cavs today.

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