Isaiah Thomas doesn't want to rest, will address the crowd at "Fan Appreciation Night" tonight

Who would have ever though the 2014-15 Boston Celtics would be in position to "rest" players for the final two games, having already clinched a playoff spot?

After Boston's thrashing of the Cavs' bench on Sunday, Brad Stevens suggested he did not intend to sit anybody if the Celtics clinched.  Via Jay King of Mass Live, Stevens said:

If (team trainer Ed Lacerte) tells me they need it, or if somebody comes up and says I don't feel good (the Celtics could rest regulars). But we're going to try to keep gaining steam here.

Isaiah Thomas also said he would like to take the floor for the C's final two contests:

Granted, both Stevens and Thomas made these claims before Boston was locked in and the only path to face the Pacers in the first round instead of the Cavs became clear (two losses and two Indy wins).

On a related note, as the last regular season home game it's "Fan Appreciation Night" at the TD Garden this evening.  Isaiah Thomas will grab the mic and say a few words to the crowd before the game:

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