NBA Legend Isiah Thomas on the Celtics' Isaiah Thomas

When it comes to discussing the newest addition to the Celtics, Isaiah Thomas, who better to ask than hall of famer Isiah Thomas?

Thomas, the former Detroit Pistons point guard, spoke with Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald on the recent acquisition of the 5-foot-9 inch sharpshooter from the Phoenix Suns:

I think I was more excited than he was. I called him first when I heard about the trade, and I told him, I said, ‘This is going to be great for you. I told him, ‘There’s two historic organizations in the NBA — LA and Boston — and you’re getting a chance to play for one of them.’

Who knew a guy that had so many battles with the Celtics in the late 80's would have such high praise for C's organization today?

Just a refresher on the battles between the two teams, courtesy of the late Johnny Most:

Thomas continues:

I told him he would love Danny (Ainge) and that he was going to be immersed in a basketball culture. I told him he was going to be around people who have won championships, who talk championship and understand championship. Not too many players are blessed with that opportunity to be around that environment. I mean, Cedric Maxwell is calling the games, and he was the MVP of The Finals. Tommy Heinsohn is doing their TV, and he’s in the Hall of Fame as a player and a coach. I told him, ‘You’re getting ready to be immersed in a basketball culture and tradition that you’ve never experienced before, and feel fortunate because it’s a wonderful opportunity. Embrace 
A little known fact from the article talks about why the 24-year old Thomas was named after the 53-year old, two-time NBA champion:

Pistons legend Isiah Thomas couldn’t believe it when he heard that a 5-foot-9 guard who was tearing up the Pacific Northwest in high school was named for him because his father lost a bet on the 1989 NBA Finals. And while Isaiah Thomas (his mom wanted the Biblical spelling) was born four months before that series against the dad’s favorite team, the Lakers, began, the connection was natural.

You have to respect Isaiah's father for sticking to a bet. That's like me naming my firstborn son LeBron Kobe Welch. Not a good look for a pale Irish kid with red hair.

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