Green Envy: What Lakers fans said - 2/22

One tiny technicality exists for tonight's Green Envy -- we lost. Regardless, Lakers fans appear to be more concerned with a mission to "tank" than a rivalry with the Celtics. Actual trash talking at Boston was limited and pretty weak -- an LA fan's "Celtics offense is terrible" post almost sounded like disappointment in the middle of cheering for a Lakers' loss. Even in the playmaking department, Marcus Smart's notable pass to Gerald Wallace drew some sincerely sad and less than competitive commentary. Their bitterness zeroed-in on a fear of winning this game. One thing is clear, tonight they were envious of defeat. 

Top Three

I am rooting for the tank not the Celtics, there is a difference

I fear we might win this

For the first time in my life, I want a tank against Boston

Marcus Smart's pretty pass to Crash 
Marcus Smart is so average

Marcus Smart is trash

Smart would probably be better if he lost some body fat %

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Refs are tanking too

What part of T.A.N.K does Lin not understand??

Got to tank, future looks bleak, might as well go young and develop stars

How green was my tank

Boozer's D is actually hurting this game

Tank don't lie

I.T. usually kicks our a*s, let the tank roll on, even tho its the green bastards

There is no winner to this game

How's the tank-off going...we resorting to making baskets in their hoop yet?

A battle to the bottom

Scott this is not how you tank 

It's going to be hard to lose when they keep getting these calls

This better not be a pre-cursor of what's to come for the rest of the season

We can actually lose this game

Nick the tank

This will be a devastating win for us - hope the tank lineup comes through in crunch time 

The crowd sounded like they were happy it went it too, everyone is in on this team tank.


Fine. I take it back. Let me look for another excuse. It's the Celts, so tank can take a one-game break.

We don't (shouldn't) tank against Boston.

With Thomas alone, Boston should be killing us. They are obviously trying to tank....More than we are

3 Stooges as referees

Dude wanted to play on the Lakers. Now he is playing on our rivals.

Come on Boston you pansy Lephrachauns

Ugly green guys are only 2 games out of a playoff spot though.

This game would of been over with if I.T. was still in the game

Marcus Smart is so average

Marcus Smart is trash

Smart would probably be better if he lost some body fat %

Celtics' offense is terrible

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