Celtics fan Vasil Dyulgerov follows team from afar in Bulgaria, Europe

The Boston Celtics boast a rich history that began in 1946 and has continued with seventeen championships and millions of memories.

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Profile: Vasil Dyulgerov, 28 year old from Bulgaria, Europe

I have bled green since the playoffs of 2002.

I had started to play basketball during the same summer, and bought myself a T-shirt with the legendary Celtics logo. This was the start of lifetime passion to the brotherhood.

My favorite Celtics memory is the only game I watched live, the preseason game in Istanbul vs Fenerbache.

In it, I had the opportunity to see the core of the 2008 championship team (expect Ray Allen, of course). I also have a ton of good memories watching beloved Celtics, such as the impossible comeback against the Nets in the 2002 playoffs, the dagger of Pierce in the face of Al Harington and Indiana, later vs James in Miami and so on.

It`ll be no surprise when I say my favorite Celtic all-time is Paul Pierce, mainly because of his attitude to the game, the killing footwork and his bag of tricks. The other person that really had my respect was Tony Allen. This guy had heart for the game, not to mention his defense and athleticism.

It's hard to say who my favorite current player is because on the next day he might be gone (following recent events). Maybe Bradley and Smart will be our dynamic duo for a long time and we have to support them.

For me, the Celtics is more then a team. It's the history of the franchise, all the good and bad moments throughout the years. Being a Celtic represents pride and responsibility.

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