Green Envy: What Knicks fans said - 2/3

Even though the New York Knicks are in much sadder shape than the Celtics (Yay?), plenty of New York fans still believed the team could beat Boston. Needless to say, they were a little upset with the actual outcome and most of them faded into the ether.

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Syracuse is playing V-Tech on espnu

Those balls must be deflated

Remember when this used to be a good rivalry

Player of the Game (Knicks fans love Sully)

how many years before sullinger becomes eddy curry/jerome james 2.0?

How do ACTIVE athletes get fat? You have money to use to keep yourself right. Hire a daily trainer and a chef.

The spend all of their money at McDonald's .

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We're not losing to these scrubs tonights. The tanks shall resume if Phil sits melo down after the ASG.

we could lose this game, but proably not.
after melo represents in the ASG, we sink like a stone. ping pong balls intact.

Lets take this L. Sullinger goes for 40

you know we aint losing

Boston will lose.

i told you. .500 or better for february. that one guy was absolutely right. people still writing okafor in their projected lineups. stop lying to yourselves.

I don't think the Knicks lose either.
Have it at about 75% Melo shuts it down after the break. We shall see. A little salty these fools couldn't have gotten it together a bit earlier. Made me look foolish for my preseason confidence, they did.

i have a feeling melo is amping up to maybe try to get the all-star mvp in his, sort of, hometown. so he's gonna go to work against these bad teams.

Also - DUDE, can you wait until next year to bet on the Knicks losing?! Thanks in advance.

Yes, Boston has NO Dick.
F'ck the C's.
Knicks 120 Celtics -5.

celtics losing = winning actually if you know what i mean. Therefore the jokes on us.

Cmon Celtics u know u want to destroy us.

Remember when this used to be a good rivalry

Celtics changing their lineup

wtf is a moneyline? Some weird boston terminology for "Tank-tastic force of losing"

Pep Boys called and left a message this afternoon. They said you're tank will be ready after the 15th.

Let's do this! Fuq Boston!!!

like if boston wants to win

I'm expecting a win tonight, but really want a loss just to get this tank back on track.

I have no faith in Celtics. Wouldn't be surprised by another win tonight. Still not sure if that's a good or bad thing or if i should care either way...

This game is looking way too winnable. Depressing what my knick viewing this year has come from, hoping for good first halves and second half collapses.

Boston hitting everything

Those balls must be deflated

C's baking at 400 degrees
Keep the oven on all night baby

better look out, oven turning into a slow cooker quickly.

Great and here we go to take the lead and the garden faithful go nuts thinking this is great!

Man these Celtic announcers.

lol @ Crowder

tyler zeller is so so so bad

This game is like a gin and Ambien tonic. Putting me to sleep.

Fat ass tried to kill Shane!!!!

How do ACTIVE athletes get fat? You have money to use to keep yourself right. Hire a daily trainer and a chef.

The spend all of their money at McDonald's .

this was a big game.
we might not win until after the break now..

i didn't think the new guys would stop trying this early...jesus

Win, lose...whatever.

boring is good
and calderon is playing well
two positives

smart is the opposite of smart with those garbage jumpers

knicks have been disgustingly out hustled today

come on boston for f*ck sake break away

Syracuse is playing V-Tech on espnu

i love to watch guys who i think are slightly mentally unstable. they entertain me.

U enjoyed jr?

sully is a good man.

i think he is one of those guys who puts up good #'s on a bad team.

Boston fans want to lose this game.. make no mistake about it.. So I'll root for them to win. I just turned the game on.

i don't care who wins just skip ahead to the ending

Boston don't miss Rondo a bit do they?

he just dribbles and dribbles and pads his assist stats.
they move the ball much more freely without him

sullinger is abusing amundson

Average Bradley :lol: thanks for making every shot tonight and suck against am everyone else! We needed it :D

i'm happy we lost and yet still disgusted that these guys didn't give a professional effort. weird time to be a fan.

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