Cup of Joe. The Kids are Alright

Good morning! Welcome to CelticsLife's morning column, Cup of Joe. Each morning we feature a few quick-hitters from the previous night; the important stuff, the not so important stuff. The weird, the wild, the in between. A nice, mindless morning column to start your day off with. So pull up a chair, grab your Morning Joe, and find out what happened last night while you were sleeping.

Smart starts, logs highest minutes total of his career. And gets some time with James Young

In his fourth career start, Marcus Smart plays 36+ minutes and finishes with a +16 in the plus/minus category. Celtics win 108-97.
source: Marc D'Amico

Brad Stevens on playing James Young and Marcus Smart together: "I tried to tonight, but it has noting to do with, like, future planning."
source: Adam Himmelsbach

Listen, clearly the lesson from last night was that these players are going to be really, really great. It wasn't just the fact that the Knicks are an embarrassment in every sense, but especially on defense. Nope. These kids are great.

I kid, a little - but for those who missed the game, Smart's box score (14 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals) only tells half the story. Smart played with his usual passion and drive, and the team responded by playing some very purposeful basketball. Once again, playing with pace, with the ball constantly swinging from side to side. Heck, even Jared Sullinger (!) was passing up threes in favor of ball movement. Knicks or not, this was an impressive showing.

Paul George could return in March

The Indiana Pacers are hopeful Paul George will be able to return this season from breaking his leg over the summer. George could be back as soon as March.

Larry Bird told reporters Tuesday that if George is cleared by doctors and ready to play, he would like to see him back on the floor.
Source: ESPN

Jeez, that was fast. The Pacers currently sit 5.5 games out of the playoffs. And while that might sound like a long-shot, considering the Heat and Hornets currently sit ahead of them with some pretty substantial injuries - there is a chance, albeit small, that Indiana could be back in the playoffs.

Still, if not? Sure will be nice to see Paul George back on the court.

Start your morning off with... Damian Lillard, getting out that anger

Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened to... Tony Massenburg
authored by TB727

Chucky Brown, Joe Smith and Jim Jackson share the unique distinction of having played for the most different NBA teams (12) with this week's What The Hell Happened To featured player. He had two stops in Boston, only playing the first-time around. If you followed the Celts in the 90s, you definitely remember Tony Massenburg.

In true WTHHT-fashion, Tony epitomized a journeyman; a lot like Junior Burrough or Larry Robinson. Back in 2005, had a great article on Tony, showing everywhere he played and his thoughts from each stop.

So buckle up, you're about to read the entire Tony Massenburg journey

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