Cup of Joe. Stevens intrigued by three guard lineup

Stevens on utilizing Thomas, Bradley and Smart together

Stevens on his lineup: "I'm really curious about the Isaiah-Marcus-Avery trio on the court all at once."
Source: Boston Celtics twitter account

Well, that's exciting. To this point, Stevens has only played his three top guards (and arguably three top players) together for extended minutes, but it'd certainly appear he's starting to warm up to the idea. It should be noted that earlier in the season - to the dismay of a lot of fans - Stevens often was reluctant to play Rondo, Smart and Bradley together. However, Rondo and Thomas are clearly different guards, and Smart has gained a lot more experience since.

ICYMI - Eric Blaisdell and myself discussed how Thomas might impact the team's rotations earlier in the week.

Start Your Morning off with... KG's Return Video

Shoutout to Minnesota for realizing that Diddy isn't the only person that's ever written a song about a homecoming.

Vintage WTHHT: What The Hell Happened To... Scott Wedman

This week in What the Hell Happened To, we remember yet another in an endlessly long line of players in Celtics' history who came to the team after being an All Star elsewhere and fulfilled the dream to win an NBA title. Scott Wedman was acquired by the Celtics in what turned out to be a steal, a trade for first round pick Darren Tillis. He had come to the Celtics as one of the best shooting small forwards in the league. After being named 1st Team in the Big Eight for his final 2 seasons at University of Colorado, he was drafted by the Kansas City-Omaha Kings in 1974 with the 6th overall pick. He'd make All Rookie Team and would make the Western Conference All Star team in 1976. But as stellar as his stats were during the regular season, Scott would be a big-time playoff performer too, averaging close to 23 ppg in 1980 and 21 ppg in 1981. Scott could defend also, evident of his appearance on the 1980 All NBA 2nd Defensive team.

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