Cup of Joe. Prince out yesterday with hip injury

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Prince has sore hip, should return Tuesday

Tayshaun Prince missed the game due to a hip flexor injury, which he said started over the Western Conference road trip. The veteran warmed up with intentions of playing through the pain but could not get loose enough to go.

If tip-off had been later than 1 p.m., he thought he might have had enough time to alleviate the stiffness.
Source: Jay King, MassLive

Old man Prince's hip is killin' em, eh? Hopefully one of the neighborhood kids will stop by his house to shovel him out. Kidding aside - and you can certainly classify this under things I didn't think I'd say in the year 2015 - felt like the team really could've used him yesterday.

Still, best to be precautious with Tayshaun; clearly the best case scenario for everyone involved is another trade. Complete speculation - but I kind of like the idea of shipping him and Bass together to a contender like the Portland Trailblazers.

KG will not ask for a buyout

Kevin Garnett resisted the idea of asking for a contract buyout from the Brooklyn Nets.

The notion has been speculated on TV.

"I'm all in here," Garnett said.

Reporters' question about the topic apparently stopped the interview with Garnett on Sunday.
Source: RealGM

Garnett is in the final year of his contract, and many believe the final year of his career. I really, really hope that the Nets an either find a trade for him or do the right thing and offer to buy him out so he can make one final run before he hangs it up. Just have to find a contending team with a need, and no players who don't have a beef with him...

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened to...Acie Earl
authored by TB727

In the history of the Boston Celtics, many first round draft picks are well remembered. There was Larry Bird being plucked one year before he was eligible back in 1978. Names like McHale, Lewis and Pierce all resonate with Celtics fans today. Then there are those that are forgotten, usually too quickly. Well that's what What the Hell Happened to is for! Acie Earl falls into that category but it wasn't that way on draft night.

I can't say at the time I wasn't happy with the 19th pick in the 1993 draft- in fact Earl's definitely the guy I wanted. (Then again I wanted Yinka Dare in the Eric Williams draft in 1995 so it shows what a teenager knows when it comes to drafting guys.) Earl was a standout at the University of Iowa (fellow college of this guy and this guy) and many had him going higher in the draft. I thought having a season with Robert Parish would lead him on the path to greatness.

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