I Am Boston, featuring the world's greatest fans: Devin Calkins

The Boston Celtics boast a rich history that began in 1946 and has continued with seventeen championships and millions of memories.

CelticsLife's "I Am Boston" offers a closer look at the individuals that make up the most loyal and supportive professional sports fans in the world.

Profile: Devin William Calkins, 19 year old from Bow, New Hampshire

I've been a Celtics fan for as much of my life as I can remember. I started following the team because of Paul Pierce. PP34 was the ultimate Celtic and I had to privilege to grow up watching him play for Boston.

One of my favorite memories came from this season. My brothers, my good friend Dylan, and I went to the home game against Phoenix. Boston lost the game but we witnessed an unbelievable play from Jeff Green. He intercepted a pass at center court and spun around the Phoenix player all in one motion. Then he raced up the court and rose up for a HUGE dunk and got the foul.

Everyone I went to the game with went absolutely berserk. As a matter of fact, the entire Garden went off the walls crazy. It came at a perfect time in the game. I had never been a part of a more exciting moment during a live sporting event.

Another special moment was being at the first home game of the 2013-2014 season. There was a very emotional standing ovation for Bill Russell prior to the game. It was cool see the Garden crowd stand up and celebrate Bill Russell, and even cooler to see him soaking it all in.

One of the role players I really enjoyed watching was Eddie House. He was instrumental in the team's success and always had the big shot waiting in his hands. Not to mention he was just an overall hard worker. When a guy shows up to work every day and does his job, and does it damn well, then he is going to be a key contributor to the team.

My favorite player on the current team is Phil Pressey. He should be our starting point guard, in my opinion. It seems like every time Flip steps onto the court we score ten straight points. Last season he started (I think) three games and we won all three. He is the only TRUE point guard, and ball handler on the roster. His transition speed, and diming ability are leaps and bounds ahead of any player on our roster who claims to be a point guard. I might be the only person you’ll see wearing a Phil Pressey jersey.

My high school basketball coach grew up playing pickup ball with Phil Pressey, and that was where Phil earned the nick name Flip. I want Celtics Nation to grab onto that nickname. Starting at the February 4th game against Denver my friend and I are starting the “Fan Club for Flip” because we love watching him play. We usually sit in the way, way, way, way, way, way back seats of the balcony against the back wall, so you definitely won’t see us, or our signs, but they will be there.


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