Cup of Joe. Isaiah Thomas, proud member of the hero squad

After slaying his former team with the four point play featured above, and a game icing layup Isaiah Thomas knew exactly what the right things to say to the media. Or, he knew what heshould say, but he just couldn't help himself to cherish the hero role for a moment
"I just love the big moment. I want to be the hero."
Source: Adam Himmselsbach

Before correcting himself

"I just wanted to win at the end of the day. It felt good to beat the team that traded you away. And also to play alright."

"They probably thought I was going to try to go off ... Which I was. I was trying to. But coach was like, just make the right play
Source: Jay King

It's hard to blame the guy. Just four days removed from being gifted away by Phoenix, Thomas got his chance at an icy "Are you sure I'm not better than a late first round pick" revenge and he delivered. Netting 21 points, 7 assists (alongside 5 turnovers) and a team high +21in just 27 minutes.

Thomas' shooting - particularly in the first half - might not have been spectacular, but he's clearly elevating the Celtics already; highlighted best by this incredible stat via Jay King; The Celtics scored 47 points in the 14.5 minutes Thomas played in the first half.

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