Green Envy: Suns fans are not happy with Isaiah Thomas after his game winner

Little Green Envy action after the Celtics 115-110 win over the Suns. Nothing really to hate about Suns fans, but they really did not like seeing Isaiah Thomas hit the game sealing shot. At all.

To the comments..

Starting things off 

Damn we look terrible.

Still getting off to those slow starts. Unpopular opinion: we’re not winning the title this year

Add Avery Bradley to the list of random role players who kill the suns...

Holy Bradley

Bradley kicking our ass

wtf bradley

Let's not guard bradley, maybe he'll miss if we continue to leave him wide open

fuck bradley is so good on D

Gerald Wallace is still in the league?

this is embarrassing

how the hell is this happening

even fucking wallace is making shots?

Gerald Green sitting there thinking: "I should have bitched about my role and called the management liars."

Boston is like some unholy mix of the Spurs and Warriors. The Spurs passing and the Warriors shooting.

maybe if they keep shooting they'll get tired

Some Isaiah talk early

Oh no Isaiah is getting hot

no ill will towards isaiah, but he's pissing me off right now

damn that midget can play PG when he wants to

IT getting revenge

isaiah torching thornton, fuck everything

Trade Thornton to Boston. That short chucker they have seems to be pretty effective. Maybe he’d help.

Down the stretch

i can't believe how bad we're playing and yet we're only down 5

we CANNOT lose to this team..lets go!!!

We're executing about as well as a guillotine made of jelly

avery bradley is a bad motherfucker tonight

Isaiah dagger


he kicked bledsoe!

IT with the dagger

good flop Thomas, good riddance

thats karma guys

fuck off IT

Anyone still like Isaiah

I hated him when he was here!

i hate you IT :(

Folks this was Boston on a back to back who lost to the Lakers

thomas staring at the bench was the official end of this season

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