Sean Grande shares Knicks' scouting report on the 84 Celtics

Sean Grande was cool enough to share this very awesome tweet:

But let's take a closer look at it:
  • Ainge had "outstanding quickness" and was a "great perimeter shooter."
  • Maxwell was an "excellent low post player."
  • McHale had "outstanding jumping ability" and an "excellent turn-around j from the baseline."
  • Parish was an "excellent shot-blocker"
  • Bird was a "super" passer
My first takeaway is this: are there any scouting reports for teams today that have that many superlatives describing 5 of a team's top guys?  Remember that list doesn't have Dennis Johnson on it nor Gerald Henderson (the actual starting guards).  The depth of those top teams in the 1980s is truly staggering.

Most importantly where's the rest of the report Sean?  Isn't anyone else but me interested in seeing the  opposing team's take on Carlos Clark ??