Cup of Joe. Brandon Bass proving his worth.

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Bass getting opportunity to prove worth

Bass also had two of his highest minute totals of the season (35, 31) in those two contests, an opportunity that surely would not have been available to him if Olynyk were available. Instead, since Shavlik Randolph is now one of the team’s four healthy bigs, Stevens has opted to go with three big men over the past couple games and it has paid dividends for the team in the form of two straight wins.

Overall, Bass has scored in double figures in seven of his last eight games, and his stock is being watched closely by contenders in both conferences looking for a bench boost. Franchises have been hesitant to hand over more than a second-round pick or two for the services of the veteran forward, but if he continues to shine with more playing time, there is a better chance that some GM will be willing to match Ainge’s asking price.

I've written about it before, but it is outright shocking that no team has been willing to part with a second round pick for Bass - who in my mind, is just about as perfect of a third-big as you could ask for. It's weird to think of it this way, but the Olynyk injury - obviously provided it's not nothing serious - could be a little bit of a blessing, particularly for fans (like me) who'd just like to see Bass get the opportunity to prove his worth on a competitive team.

Nets keep on Nets'n - Discussing Joe Johnson deal with Charlotte

The Brooklyn Nets and Charlotte Hornets have restarted trade discussions that involve Joe Johnson, according to sources.

The Hornets and Nets are discussing a larger package that would likely include Lance Stephenson, Gerald Henderson and Marvin Williams.

Charlotte owner Michael Jordan has been intrigued with the possibility of Johnson, who has struggled recently with tendinitis.
Source: RealGM

Why yes, all three of those players coming to the Nets are under contract next season - why do you ask? I'm sure their logic is that it'll be easier to part with three players on medium sized contracts than one player on a ginormous contract - but the logic, like pretty everything Billy King has ever done in Brooklyn, is completely flawed.

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Vintage WTHHT: 'What The Hell Happened To... Xavier McDaniel'
authored by tb727

In this week's episode of WTHHT, we remember the first player in Div 1 to lead the nation in both scoring and rebounding, forward Xavier McDaniel.

Xavier was picked 4th overall in the 1985 draft by the Seattle Supersonics out of Wichita State. The X-Man was the real deal on the Sonics, putting up big numbers. Both quick enough to play the small forward and strong enough to play power forward for some minutes, he formed a spectacular trio in Seattle with fellow-All Stars Tom Chambers and Dale Ellis.

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