Video: Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant discuss their Thursday morning meet-up, calling it "two a$$holes having breakfast"

Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant's breakfast meeting on Thursday morning in Boston turned a few heads. After Friday night's tangle between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, both Bryant and Rondo were questioned by the media about their shared meal and what was discussed over coffee.

Rondo cited that it was just "two a$$holes having breakfast," alluding to last year's series of interviews where Kobe called him that name, and Rondo later returned the compliment.  He also threw in that the "a$$hole" exchange last year is what led to their current friendship. Bryant described the similarities between the two players on rival teams, saying "we see the game in a very similar way in terms of demeanor and mentality."

So what was discussed over their morning meal? Rondo said they talked about the 2008, 2009, and 2010 seasons, as well as Bryant "being a leader, leading a lot of young guys this year, and me doing the same thing, the struggles he's going through, the struggles I'm going through as far as leading this team and just how to handle it."

Both continued to provide insights on their respective teams' seasons and outlooks. Rondo revealed that this year, he is improving his patience. In terms of seeking advice from other individuals, Rondo expressed that he often turns to the likes of Kevin Garnett, his high school coach, his mother, former Celtics coach Doc Rivers, and even Tommy Heinsohn to provide words of wisdom.

In discussing his treatment from the TD Garden crowd, Kobe mentioned that he feels like he has been received "the right way" on all his visits to Boston, and he "sincerely appreciates" the boos he gets from the Celtics fans (as well as the cheers he gets from Lakers fans that manage to infiltrate the building). Bryant added that Boston fans "understand the game" and he feels part of "the history between the two ball clubs."

Rondo concluded his interview remembering the 2010 NBA Finals loss to the Lakers, stating that "every time we play them, I want to kick their butt." And kick their butt they did in the Celtics' 113-96 blowout victory over the Lakers on Friday.

Video courtesy of Ben Rohrbach