Rondo on returning to Boston: "I gave my all every time I went out there and played as a Celtic."

Rajon Rondo spoke with the Dallas Mavericks Insider Earl Sneed Wednesday afternoon about his return to Boston to play against the Celtics this Friday.

He said a lot of really nice things.

Maybe it's the emotion of the holidays, or maybe it's the fact that Rondo was our last homegrown All-Star, or maybe it's the fact that for his entire tenure as a Celtic he was surrounded by trade rumors and despite all of them he played harder and through more injuries than any other Celtic (case and point),

either way, Rajon Rondo's comments really got to me.

Here is a recap of his conversation and my complete rational responses.

Rondo is going to probably go for a quadruple-double on Friday.

While all of these are great quotes, and to come from a man who so seldom spoke in a way as to let people (especially the media) in, it just means a lot. I dunno, man. It just does.

Friday night against Dallas is about as appointment television as it gets.

The last quote pulled really hit home the hardest. It reminded me of something Grantland's Zach Lowe said in passing. Zach meant it as a joke, and as funny as it is it's 1000% true.

Yea, Zach. We all are.

"...and STILL undefeated."