Easy upcoming schedule for the Celtics

December is a month that brings many things: cold weather, lots of snow and of course the holiday season.

This year it is also a month the Celtics have been gift wrapped an easy set of games.

Out of their 15 games in December the C's will only face off against three Western Conference teams, the Los Angeles Lakers (4-13), the Minnesota Timberwolves (4-12) & the Sacramento Kings (9-8).

Of course, only one of those teams, the Kings, have been somewhat impressive thus far.

Of the 12 games versus Eastern Conference opponents most of which as expected are against subpar teams such as the Detroit Pistons (3-14), the New York Knicks (4-14) and the Philadelphia 76ers (0-17).

The tougher opponents include three games, including a home-and-home set versus old friend Paul Pierce and the Washington Wizards (11-5), tonight's matchup with the Al Hoford led Atlanta Hawks (9-6) on the road and the previously mentioned game with the Kings at the Garden(expect Demarcus Cousins to destroy the Celtics interior defense).

There are two perspectives to look at the upcoming schedule with:
1)For the optimistic fan: A chance to gain some ground in the weak Eastern Conference to try and nab a low seeded playoff spot.

2)For the Jahlil Okafor fans: A way to collect easy wins and drop out of the lottery and the running for the number one overall pick.

Coach Brad Stevens had this to say about the December schedule, per A. Sherrod Blakely:
"I don't think that'll change the results unless we change," he said.

What Stevens says is entirely true, however the easy schedule should make it much easier for the Celtics to make the necessary adjustments to their game.

Expect to see Gino at the Garden at least once this month.

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