Celtics match up well with tonight's opponent: The Atlanta Hawks

The Celtics face off against a 9-6 Hawks team tonight tip off 7:30 EST. At first glance it may appear Boston will have a very difficult time winning a game against a playoff team on the road the numbers tell a different story.

Inside the Numbers

Atlanta's leading scorer is Jeff Teague at 18 points a game. Both Rajon Rondo and Avery should take this as a personal affront and step up their defensive games.

Al Horford is very good but he is much like Kelly Olynyk in that he's a power forward playing a center. Both Olynyk and Sully thrive when there is no true rim protector guarding them.

More to this point, Atlanta is one of the worst rebounding teams in the league at -2.7.

Kyle Korver is second in the league in three point field goal percentage at .553. Because the Celtics lack a true center they are more agile to get out on Korver's pick and pops.

The same principle applies when Paul Milsap brings any of the Celtics "bigs" away from the rim.

Although, the Celtics miss Marcus Smart much more than the numbers would indicate it should be a close, entertaining, high scoring game with Boston again just barely unable to get over the hump in the last minutes.

My prediction:

Atlanta 114 Boston 107

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