Vitor Faverani out 6-8 weeks following knee surgery; could the Celtics cut him?

Late last night, Mark wrote about Vitor Faverani traveling back to Spain to get a second opinion on his injured knee.

Well apparently that second opinion was that his knee was never fully fixed after the surgery he had on it last season. Because Vitor again went under the knife, per the Celtics.

Had Faverani been healthy, he had a legitimate chance to carve out a rotation spot (he likely would have been in direct competition with Tyler Zeller for the fourth big man spot), but now Vitor is looking at a likely return in December, and will face an uphill battle for playing time.

It's also worth wondering whether or not the Celtics may cut Faverani now that he's projected to miss about a quarter of the season. The team is at 16 players, and needs to cut one, and Faverani is now an injured backup who's contract expires at the end of the season. It would be an unfortunate end to the Vitor era that began so brightly (remember, this was the Celtics starting center to begin last season) -- but considering he has now gone seven months without playing, and now faces another two month hiatus -- it may be the move that makes the most sense for the Cs.

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