Video: An inside look at Brad Stevens running a Celtics practice

Last year one of the big stories going into the season was rookie head coach Brad Stevens. People wondered how he'd do and how he would get along with the Celtics star point guard Rajon Rondo. This Fall, Stevens has been more of an afterthought. There really aren't any questions about Stevens. He can coach at this level and we're just waiting for Danny to build a good enough squad for Stevens to compete with.

In this CSNNE video, you get to see a more behind the scenes look of Stevens in action. One thing that stood out for me is how positive Stevens is. Honestly I think that is the way to go as a coach at all levels, but especially in today's NBA where players nowadays can be very sensitive. But watching Stevens I can say that if you can't play for him, I don't think you could play for any coach.