Michael Jordan on Twitter for one day only (so far it's pretty boring) #MJTakeover

Michael Jordan does not have a Twitter account.  But, as a promotion for the start of the season he's decided to take over the @hornets account today.  So far Jordan's day is not very exciting:

The greatest basketball player of all time decides to tweet for one day only and we get pictures of his coffee and some people at work?  Come on MJ!  That's exactly the same as every other schmuck's day.  You're Michael-freaking-Jordan!  Go play one-on-one with Magic Johnson or something.  Fly to Vegas and drop a few hundred grand at a poker table.  Take a trip to Dubai and share some photos of all the ridiculous things they have there.

The Hornets PR staff better have some more entertaining things planned for Jordan this afternoon or this is going to be a huge bust.

Things are getting a little more interesting.

That's more sneakers than I have.  Reminiscent of Jared Sullinger circa June 2013.

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