So does anyone want to talk about the fact that Marcus Thornton came to camp weighing 700 pounds?

I know Thornton and his contract were the price to pay to obtain Zeller and the pick from the Cavs, but would it have killed Marcus to limit himself to just 6 slices when ordering Little Caesar's hot and ready pizzas this summer? Below are a couple more pics from media day of Marcus showing off his "No I don't stop at 6, I eat the whole pie" body.

Does this angle make me look fat? YES
Am I intimidating anyone? NO
Can't remember if it was someone in our Shout Box or Comment Section who asked why Gary Washburn was in a Celtics uniform (or something like that). No offense to Gary Washburn (He's paid to write, not to be an athlete), but Celtics shooting guards making $8.7 million a year shouldn't really resemble the somewhat rotund media members that cover the team.
No I am not Marcus Thornton
Thornton could give Ray "Fat" Felton a serious run for the most out of shape non-big man in the league award this season (need an acronym for this award).  See the thing is if you're 6'10" and fat, your size can actually help you some, since you're playing down low. There have been plenty of chubby big men in the NBA. But the plump guards always impress me. I don't know whether to be like, "Imagine how good he'd be if he just got in shape," or "The fact that he's able to play NBA minutes at the guard position with that body is super impressive."

I thought it was Buy One Get One Free? Where's my damn 2nd Big Mac?!?!

So what are your thoughts? Were you hoping to get something out of Thornton. Or were you expecting him to do about as much for us this season as last season's #4 did (Someone check if Bogans got traded again this weekend)? Or is Thornton pregnant and I'm going to feel dumb for thinking he was just fat?