Solving yesterday's Vitor Faverani mystery?

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that Vitor Faverani missed the player introductions at Friday night's open practice for season ticket holders.

Last night I happened to be out for dinner in Boston when Brad Stevens and his wife walked into the restaurant.  My friends asked me "if you went over and talked to him, what would you say?"  First off, I wouldn't; Stevens answers enough questions from media people when he's on the clock, it doesn't seem fair to make him do that on a Saturday night when he's having dinner.

But I told them about the Vitor situation from the day before, and one of them (who may have been a few drinks deep) decided he was going to go ask Stevens for an answer.  Here's what he reported back to me:

The coach was very polite and friendly, and apparently there was just a miscommunication with Vitor, who was still in the training room getting treatment on his injured knee when his teammates were announced.

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