Simmons: 'I would be surprised if Rajon Rondo started the season with the Boston Celtics'

On the latest edition of the B.S. Report podcast, Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe discussed a number of NBA topics including the future of Rajon Rondo.  When the topic turned to Rondo (around the 25:00 mark), Simmons began the conversation by saying:

The Rondo thing is fascinating, it's a staring contest.  He's in a contract year.  The Celtics are going to be absolutely terrible, they're going to be one of the five worst teams in the league.  That's not going to help his trade value.  He's a perfectionist, he loves to win, he's super competitive.  He was on a bad team last year and tried to make the best of it.  I would be surprised if he started the season with the Boston Celtics.

Lowe disagreed, saying he wasn't sure, but "would bet on the status quo" of Rondo beginning the year in Boston.  However, Lowe also says he thinks the Celtics don't want to pay Rondo's next contract, and that Rondo is a likely trade candidate, even though he's not sure which team would work.

The funny thing about Simmons' oppinion is that the bulk of their conversation is actually about why trades with various other teams likely won't happen.  Earlier in the podcast they also talk about the saturation of point guards across the league, and how there aren't many clubs in need of one.

Simmons also has a poor track record with predicting Rondo being traded...

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