Paul George is an idiot

Paul George (featured above, wearing a stupid shirt) is an idiot. You might think that sounds a little harsh harsh, particularly after George suffered a horrific leg injury this past summer. You might be thinking 'Hey, I kinda like that nickname PG-13, and I think he's not an idiot.' We'll you're wrong. First of all, PG-13 is a stupid nickname. Secondly though, these freaking tweets:

and then

This might sound foolish, particularly from a man who allegedly knocked up a stripper and then offered her a million dollars to get an abortion, and that's because, ya, it is.

Update: I'm shocked by this, but apparently I've got to elaborate.

George starts off relatively fine, saying that he doesn't condone violence against women. That's a great start! Domestic violence is terrible! But unfortunately, he keeps going. After that, he trivializes it all by saying he doesn't think it's 'coo', which is really, really dumb. But let's momentarily get past that because it's not nearly as ignorant as his other comments.

The next thing he says is the real issue. If she's not 'tripping' then he's cool. Or, hey, if she was just behaving in the first place then she wouldn't have been knocked out in the first place. Assigning blame for a truly terrible action to the person who was brutally assaulted.

Then comes the 'he made ONE mistake' part. For the record, that 'mistake' was walking into an elevator like Freddy Krueger, towering over his fiancee to intimidate her, shoving her, hitting her in the face, then knocking her out with a haymaker that resulted in her head violently hitting the rail of the public elevator they had been sharing. He then proceeded to drag her lifeless body out of the elevator without even a hint of remorse for the horrific things he just did to the mother of his child.

Punching someone in the heat of an argument isn't acceptable if the person you're arguing with is your size, nevertheless if you're a professional running back in the national football league and the person you're hitting is your petite fiancee. Showing up to your friends house 30 minutes late because you lost track of time is a mistake, that isn't.

Update x2: Paul George and Larry Bird have issued statements about George's tweets. You can find it here.