USA Today ranks Celtics No. 29 in 'watchability'

The bad news on the irrelevant-but-fun-to-read-because-what-else-is-there-right-now rankings front continues for the Celtics, who land at No. 29 on USA Today's countdown of how "watchable" each NBA team will be in 2014-15.

I wouldn't expect non-Celtics fans to have much interest in this club, but I also think USA Today largely overlooks the main draw of this Boston squad.  Under the subheadline "Why you can't miss them" the first section reads:

The Jeff Green story: The 6-9 small forward was the Celtics' best player last year, two years removed from missing the entire 2011-12 season with a heart condition. His 16.9 points a game didn't come efficiently, but you can't help but root for the guy, especially when he throws down so many strong dunks.

This Green dunk montage video then follows.  Going into last year Green might have been the best reason to watch the Celtics, but at this point aren't we all pretty much bored of/over him?  Does anybody really envision Green as a key part of the club's future anymore?

What's going to make the C's watchable this year is the kids, and how they develop.  The play of Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk and Marcus Smart figures to peak fans' interest a lot more than a bunch of 16-5-2 games from Green.

The Sixers are dead last at No. 30 in the "watchability" rankings, with the Kings at No. 28 and the Paul George-less Pacers at No. 27.  That's as far as the countdown has gone so far.

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