NBA gets first domestic abuse case on their hands since recent NFL firestorm

It didn't take long for the NBA to have their first domestic assault case on their hands since the recent firestorm in the NFL. Just a couple days after NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the NBA was going to address their domestic abuse policy, the Charlotte Hornets Jeffery Taylor finds himself accused of an assault.

His bond has been set at $5,000 and details of the incident are still being gathered.

Jeffery Matthew Taylor, 25, was arrested at the East Lansing Marriott at University Place around 1 a.m. Thursday.

Taylor is charged with one count of domestic assault, assault and malicious destruction of property.

Of course, it should be stated that he's just been accused of the crime so far and until more details come out it's unfair to convict him publicly. But that's unlikely not to happen. Granted Taylor is not a big name, but the NBA is going to monitor this very closely and maybe set a precedent with his punishment.

I had been wondering when the NBA would get it's first case. Last Summer the Celtics had two domestic assault cases. One with Jared Sullinger and the other with Terrence Williams. The Celtics didn't retain Williams and Sully was suspended for the season opener. Sullinger got some negative press, but nothing like he'd get if it happened this offseason. He likely would have received much more than a 1 game suspension as well.

I could see the Hornets just cutting Taylor, as he's not a major part of their roster. We'll see what Silver says about this. Again it will be a bigger story when a more prominent NBA player is charged, but the Taylor case will still serve as a barometer.