Brad Stevens on Celtics lineup: 'Put it down in pencil.' Will there be enough minutes for everyone?

Via Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston, Celtics coach Brad Stevens said the following earlier this week about what the team's rotation might look like this season:

The funny part is that I’m sure most [reporters] will be put in a position where you have to name our starting lineup and our rotation. Put it down in pencil. If you go through it, like really go through it and put yourself in my shoes, there’s about 150 different variations of [five-man lineups] that you could go with -- more so than last year and I thought last year we were pretty hard to figure out. It’s been a fun puzzle to think about and it’s going figure itself out when we start practice.

Managing this roster will definitely be an extremely difficult task for Stevens.  Here's a quick guess as to roughly how many minutes per game each player should average:

Rajon Rondo - 33
Avery Bradley - 32
Jeff Green - 28
Jared Sullinger - 30
Kelly Olynyk - 27

Marcus Smart - 23
Brandon Bass - 22
Evan Turner - 20
Tyler Zeller - 18
Marcus Thornton - 14
Gerald Wallace - 12
Philly Pressey - 8
Chris Johnson - 8
Joel Anthony - 3
Vitor Faverani - 2

James Young - 35

That might or might not be enough to keep everybody happy.  Unfortunately my total (minus Young) adds up to 280, and there are only 240 minutes per game to go around.

Good luck Brad.

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