UPDATE: Le Batard suspended two days for billboard trolling LeBron

If you have ever heard him on his radio show, or watched him on ESPN, you know that above all else Dan Le Batard is a troll. He's actually pretty damn funny, and definitely knows his stuff, but he loves irritating people. He takes great pride in watching others get worked up over something he says, usually laughing hysterically while turning a shade of tomato-red as it all goes down.

He's a professional troll, and he is very good at what he does.

So last week it was no surprise when he said that he had tried to purchase advertising space in a Cleveland newspaper to take a shot at LeBron James after LeBron bolted from Miami back to Cleveland. However, no one would take his money.

Until now.

Yesterday this billboard that says simply "You're welcome LeBron. Love, Miami" popped up alongside Route 8 in Akron.

Now before you start questioning the legitimacy of this statement: remember the point of a good trolling. It's not to be factually correct. Le Batard has a working brain and therefore knows that Miami was a 44 win team before LeBron, and will be a 44 win team without him. He knows that the city of Miami owes LeBron, and not the other way around.

This isn't about that.

It's about getting a rise out of Cleveland. And boy has he done just that. Here are some of the tweets that he has retweeted, no doubt something he did while laughing maniacally.

So this isn't a shot at LeBron, but instead a way to get the people of Cleveland to look like hypocrites. These are the same people who burned LeBron's jersey, put his face on urinal cakes, brought signs to games that made fun of his wife and mother, and put up their own billboards calling him "traitor of the year" when he bounced to Miami four years ago. Now they've again flipped sides and are defending him against something as innocent as a not very funny billboard.

Oh, and Le Batard is also getting national attention yet again.

So yea, I'd say it's all working exactly as planned.

Le Batard 1, Cleveland 0.

Edit: ESPN sucks. They suspended Le Batard two days for it. Unreal.

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