UPDATE: Collision signs in SAC; I thought Boston was sending Rondo there?

UPDATE: Collision's deal is on the books. Does this eliminate the need for Rondo in SAC, or is his backup now in place?

ORIGINAL: The Sacramento Kings have long been rumored to be a landing spot for Rajon Rondo in a trade that would send assets like Ben McLemore and Isaiah Thomas back to Boston.

With Darren Collison potentially signing there, does this limit their need for a premier point guard like Rondo, or the near max/max deal he's looking for?

If Rondo does indeed get traded, the options of where he'll be traded to are starting to dry up. The teams looking to instantly improve can't afford to pay him, the teams who want to trade for him don't have the assets Boston needs to improve, and the teams who can afford another max contract are looking elsewhere for talent. Which leads me to the question, is keeping Rajon Rondo really that bad of a plan for the Celtics?