Video: Smart and Pressey shoot 3's, Sully talks getting in shape

Well that first shot was rough. Strong Summer breeze. After the first shot Smart recovered to show a decent stroke. The criticism on Smart's shot hasn't necessarily been his field goal percentage, but the fact that he brings the ball way down on his shot. For some reason I'm not overly concerned with his shot. Lots of guys come in to the league with jumpers that need work and the the hard workers usually improve dramatically as the years go by.

Interesting to see a couple Celtics wearing the numbers 4 and 11 at practice. Looks like Jerryd Bayless won't be coming back (if drafting two guards and re-signing Bradley didn't tell you that already). Also, I wonder if Keith Bogans is still enjoying his extended vacation.

Regarding Sully and his weight, it always amazes me how any basketball players who burn a couple thousand calories a day working out can be out of shape. Either they have the worst genes in the world and would weigh 400 pounds if they weren't playing basketball or they really love to eat. I'll assume the former is Sully's issue.

Videos courtesy of Mike Petraglia.