Rumors are starting to swirl about a potential PHO-IND trade that somehow involved Rondo

UPDATE: PHO and IND are locked in discussion around Goran Dragic and rumors are swirling that somehow this could include Rajon Rondo. This is purely a rumor and Zach Lowe didn't report it. I am of the opinion that IND and BOS could work together on options without involving PHO, which the below rumor discussion is based on. JUST SO WE ARE CLEAR, LIFERS.


Hold the phone.

Treat this as the rumor it is... but wow.

Indiana wants to upgrade their point guard position. Boston needs a rim protector, or at the very least some size. Shortly after losing to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, ESPN's Marc Stein spoke about Roy Hibbert's future in Indiana.

There is said to be some thought on both sides—management and Hibbert's—that a fresh start would be beneficial for everyone after the big man's second-half decline.

Hibbert's camp hasn't outright asked for a trade, sources say, but word is that it wouldn't exactly oppose one if the Pacers decide to actively shop their center.

Would Roy Hibbert be enough in the eyes of the Celtics front office to trade their Captain?

This one could have legs. Larry Bird is a fan of Rondo and would love to see him on the Pacers, so would it be surprising if Danny and the Legend had a conversation about how to restructure their respective teams?