DeMarcus Cousins does not think Chris Paul is all that chill

DeMarcus Cousins would like for you to know that he doesn't think Chris Paul is a chill bro. Afraid that the multiple on court instances weren't enough evidence, DeMarcus spoke at length about his strong distaste for the Clipper point guard on the latest BS Report with Bill Simmons.

here's the transcript, via PBT

Simmons: “I thought you guys (Griffin and Cousins) had a little beef, right?”
Cousins: “Nah.”
Simmons: “Nothing?”
Cousins: “Just a little rivalry, but I don’t have a problem with Blake.”
Simmons: “Didn’t you guys almost get in a fight once?”
Cousins: “No.”
Simmons: “Altercation? Argument?”
Cousins: “No.”
Simmons: “Nothing?”
Cousins: “No.”
Simmons: “You sure? I feel like I was at a game where that might have happened.”
Cousins: “No.”
Simmons: “There was some talking?”
Cousins: “Probably me and CP, but not me and Blake. I don’t have a problem with Blake.”
Simmons: “Oh, you’re one of the guys who doesn’t like – there’s a lot of guys who CP kind of bugs.”
Cousins: “Yeah, I dislike CP a lot.”
Simmons: “CP does a lot of talking.”
Cousins: “I know.”
Simmons: What if you saw him off the court? You’d be OK with him, right?”
Cousins: “I don’t have a problem.”
Simmons: “The good news is you’re like 12 inches taller than him if you ever have – he’s like 5-10.”
Cousins: “I know. That’s usually how it goes. It’s the small ones.””
Simmons: “Could you play with somebody like that, who’s just like a Chihuahua, just barking at everybody for three hours?”
Cousins: “Yeah, because I’m the same way.”

The entire podcast can be viewed here, though full discretion; DeMarcus is not the world's most captivating interviewee.