Chris Mannix believes Celtics waiting to see if Rondo's value boosts

On CSSNE.COM yesterday Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix reinforced my belief that it will be very difficult for Rajon Rondo and Marcus Smart to play on the floor at the same time this season:
"No matter what Boston says the likelihood of Boston playing Marcus Smart and Rajon Rondo together just seems slim. Neither one of them are prolific shooting from the perimeter."

The discussion that Smart played shooting guard in high school really isn't valid because he was obviously still the top option on the floor (the captain/quarterback). Being quicker than and overpowering high school guards is very different than coming off screens and hitting spot up jumpers in the NBA.

Thus, Mannix believes Rondo is very movable but that the Celtics will wait to see if he can regain pre-injury form before making a decision about his future:
"I think the Celtics are inclined to wait until at least the season starts, mid-way point of the season, trade deadline to start seriously fielding offers," explained Mannix. "Because then Rondo's value will be at it's highest. If it does get back to that level, where he is a top five, six, seven type of point guard, you can expect to try to get a legitimate starter at another position returned plus some draft considerations."

This will present an interesting conundrum for Brad Stevens and the front office this season. On one hand, you want Rondo on the floor because he gives you the best chance to win at this time and you want his trade value at its' apex.

Yet, if the plan is to eventually move him, you also want to give Marcus Smart as much floor time as possible in order to acclimate to his new teammates and the NBA game.

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