Kevin Love trade to the Celtics is not dead yet, Danny Ainge preparing for a better offer?

Remember when all we talked about was Kevin Love?

Well, that time is back again. It's been too long without rumors, so our good friends(?) in the media are stirring things up with some things their sources said. Chief among them, the "KEVIN LOVE RUMORS ARE BACK, SON!!!"

Gary Washburn, BostonGlobe:
However, a league source said Monday that president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is attempting to gather assets to acquire Kevin Love, convinced he can devise a package that would entice Minnesota Timberwolves president Flip Saunders to move the three-time All-Star, who will be a free agent next season...

...According to two NBA sources, Ainge has been dogged in his pursuit of Love, and several agents believe he has the creativity to put together an attractive package.

Is he really though?

As Washburn points out, the Timberwolves are hesitant to deal another star player named Kevin to the Celtics because the last deal went so poorly for them. The deal Ainge was allegedly offering the Timberwolves before (Sully, tons of first rounders, etc.) was not cutting it.

So, what does Ainge do?

Well, he can turn the assets he has now into better assets, and then flip that over to the Timberwolves for Love. At least that's Washburn's idea. Take your armada of first round picks, take your James Young and take your $10m trade exception you need to use by Saturday and use all that to get a quality veteran from a team looking to clear cap space in order to land LeBron James or one of the other top free agents.

If not Love, then the Celtics are still in the market for a big name player, according to the Herald.

Steve Bulpett, Boston Herald:
What hasn’t changed is that the Celts are still looking for ways to swing a major trade that will get them back into the playoff picture sooner than their current track would suggest. (And, no, according to a source connected with the marketplace, they have not contacted free agent Lance Stephenson or his representative.)

One of the reasons the Celtics are said to want to acquire a high-profile player now is that it would keep them from having to take Rajon Rondo to the market. There are certainly teams around the league that covet the All-Star point guard, but three general managers said yesterday the Celts would struggle to get full value for Rondo at this time.

Bulpett also says that the Cs would rather move Rondo in 2015 if they don't land a star.

The Celtics did promise "Fireworks", remember? For ours and Rondo's sake, let's hope they can light them off.