Rajon Rondo and Kevin Love meet up at the Red Sox game

Well here you go. Kevin Love on his Great Boston Adventure has finally found the most important Bostonian to link up with. We knew Kevin Love was going to the Sox game today, but then news came out his agent was there too, as the plot thickened. People thought, wouldn't it be great if Rajon Rondo was in Boston right now as well and was at the game. Turned out he was. In the Monster seats. At that point I knew this picture would be coming soon, especially after Mike Dyer told Rondo this meeting needed to happen (Thanks for reading Celtics Life Rajon). And yes, you can win a championship with these two as your two best players. Make it happen Danny.

Wolves GM Flip Saunders, for his part, denied any of this means anything, but really what is he supposed to say? Love is leaving Minnesota. No guarantee he's coming to Boston, but Danny makes the best offer, Love will be a Celtic this Fall.

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Kevin Love in Boston this weekend "Checking out what this city is all about"