Pierce says he has one or two years left, report says he's interested in joining Clippers

HoopsRumors.com- The future of 36-year-old Paul Pierce‘s playing career is closely tied to that of Kevin Garnett, who’s giving no indications about whether he’ll retire, as Marc Stein of ESPN.com writes. Garnett’s return will make re-signing with the Nets a more attractive option as Pierce enters free agency this summer, but if KG walks away, Pierce would have greater interest in pursuing his already-burgeoning interest in signing with the Clippers, according to Stein. Such a move would reunite him with Doc Rivers, who coached Pierce and Garnett on the Celtics.
Not to say I told you so, but I told you so. I've been calling this move since the day Doc was traded to the Clippers. Paul Pierce heads "home" to California, plays for his hometown team, remains the bane of the Lakers, and reunites with Doc Rivers. Unless Brooklyn offers him access to Prokhorov's check book, this is as no brainer as no brainer's get.


  • The Clips could become America's team based on how this shakes out. Name a player who won't want to be part of the rebirth of this franchise? 
  • Paul Pierce's greatest success came while being coached by Doc Rivers. Time to put the band back together. 
  • Paul Pierce instantly upgrades the Clippers line-up. Win-Win-Win for everyone involved- team, fans, front office. 
  •  Clippers starting line-up: Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul, JJ Reddick, Paul Pierce. That's an NBA 2k14 team.

Doc and The Truth being in LA is also going to be a huge draw for KG to buy in for one more shot at the title. I doubt KG will sign on at the beginning of the season, but as a PJ Brown-esque mid-season addition to help fortify the defense down the stretch? That could very easily happen.

Then of course Pierce & Garnett win the title in LA, sign one-day deals with the Celtics, immediately retire and ride off into the sunset into front office jobs in Boston and Minnesota. It's a tale as old as time.

Photo Credit: Anthony Gruppuso, USA TODAY Sports