Did the Knicks decline a trade for Rajon Rondo?

According to Stephen A. Smith, at some point in the recent past the Knicks declined a trade that would have landed them Rajon Rondo. This, from a long winded rant about the state of the Knicks:

Melo knows the Knicks had a chance at LaMarcus Aldridge and blew it. He knows they snubbed a trade that would've brought Rajon Rondo to New York or Kyle Lowry in a separate deal

Here's the thing about that, though - It definitely didn't happen.

I mean, I'm sure Stephen A. Smith believes it did. Someone in Melo's camp might've told him that, or maybe one of the many voices in his head which causes him to scream everything he says did, but it didn't. Without any picks or really any assets, there aren't enough fruit baskets in the world to send for Danny Ainge to consider a package that'd send Rondo to the big Apple. We've reviewed this several times, including an article by Mike Dyer which explored what was the absolute most the Knicks could offer. The answer, by the way, was not nearly enough.

Any rational human being can come to that conclusion, which is why Stephen A. Smith, can't.