Brad Stevens says Rajon Rondo will be the one to decide when he plays again (or does he?)

Before last night's victory over Minnesota, Celtics coach Brad Stevens shared some thoughts on Rajon Rondo's impending return to action (via ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg):

"I think, ultimately, a person has to be ready and he has to feel good. There are certain physical things that he’ll have to meet to be cleared to even be considered for games that he has not met yet. But nobody should make that call except for the individual involved, in my opinion."

Stevens also discussed what it's been like to have Rondo practicing fully:

"It’s not a ton different because he’s been there for most of the time. Obviously, any time you get a little bit of [Rondo] play, it adds a little bit because he’s out there and there's a little bit more trash talk by the other guys, and everybody is excited to have him back out there. But it hasn’t changed our dynamic. Our dynamic has been pretty good over the past couple weeks."

Obviously the Celtics aren't going to tell Rondo to come back if he isn't feeling ready, but Stevens' quote doesn't really say anything about the opposite scenario either; it's still too early to rule out the possibility that the team could urge him to take more time than he needs.  For all we know that might even be happening right now.

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