Green Envy: What the Magic Fans Said - 11/8

Even the longest win streak starts with two wins. Now, I’m not saying that the Rondo-less Celtics are going to win 30 in a row, or even 30 period, but I am saying is that every single win streak from the Bulls to the Heat to the Lakers to the Celtics have all started with 2 wins… so… get ready.

Normally I like to stride in to Green Envy with a hearty “HATERS GONNA HATE!” all queued up, but hate wasn’t the name of the game against the Magic. For the second game in a row, the fans of the opposing team were more stunned that the Celtics didn’t give up in the locker room. In a trend that we’re all going to be laughing in the face of until the trade deadline, a loss to the Celtics isn’t going to be met with fan hate this year… just a slew of disillusioned #RigginForWiggins tweets. Tell yourself whatever you need to, Magic fans. A win is a win… and now we have TWO.


  • Easy win for Magic 124-72 
  • I'm just here for the ping-pong balls. 
  • We are gonna have a tough time beating boston.... To Andrew Wiggins



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