In addition to Avery Bradley, Celtics have contract decisions to make on Sullinger, Brooks, & Crawford

It's been widely publicized that the C's have until October 31 to sign Avery Bradley to a long-term deal if they want to avoid him becoming a restricted free agent at season's end.  However that deadline is also noteworthy for the contracts of Jared Sullinger, MarShon Brooks, and Jordan Crawford.  It's a league-wide date by which teams must decide whether to extend players with 3 years experience (Bradley, Crawford) and also pick up options on 2nd and 3rd year guys (Sullinger and Brooks).

Sullinger is no brainer, he's got a team option for $1.4 million next year that will undoubtedly get picked up.  

Boston can also chose to retain Brooks at $2.3 million for 2014-15.  Considering the fact that A, Brooks is likely buried somewhere on the wrong half of the depth chart at shooting guard (once Rajon Rondo returns: Bradley-Lee-Crawford-Brooks-Bogans?) and B, Danny Ainge's number one priority at the moment seems to be clearing future cap space, one would think it's highly unlikely Boston will pick up Brook's option.

And that leaves us with Jordan Crawford, who is currently negotiating a 7 year $84 million deal.  Just kidding.  If Crawford manages to last the entire season in Boston it would be a shocking turn of events to see him back next year.

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