Jared Sullinger in court: victim claims history of abuse, Sullinger released on $5,000 bail

A few hours after turning himself in, Jared Sullinger has made his first court appearance. He's facing charges for assault and battery, witness intimidation and destruction of property. Here's the Boston Globe's David Abel's twitter feed. Lot of details here but felt like they were all worth posting.

Here's one very important detail, courtesy of MassLive's Jay King

The judge has decided to let Sullinger go on $5,000 bail. He'll be back in court September 19th, about a week and a half before training camp starts.

Whenever a high profile athlete goes through something like this, I think it's best to remember a few things. First, that Sullinger is innocent until proven guilty, obviously. We don't know all the details, and convicting him before a trial is foolish. Second, that doesn't mean anyone needs to be blindly supporting him. No matter how much of a "good guy" he seems like, these charges are extremely serious and Sullinger could potentially be facing jail time if convicted. Finally, just because Sullinger's girlfriend says she does not feel threatened and does not want a "no contact" order — that does not mean these claims are necessarily bogus. It is very common in domestic abuse cases for the victim to be very forgiving after the fact. People in abusive relationships often times continue to go back to that person because they see good in them or just don't know what else to do.

As always with these types of situations, we'll keep you updated as more details are known. But let's try not to go out of our way to either convict or defend Sullinger quite yet. That's for the lawyers to do.


More from Abel's stream on the details of the incident. Specifically on the claims that he cheated on her:

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Report: Jared Sullinger arrested on assault and battery charges