Videos: Fab Melo working hard in the off-season; can he improve enough to be a contributer for the C's?

Fab Melo has been working hard this summer to improve his game, and Steve Kyler of and USA Today Sports was impressed enough to take some videos to document it.

From Steve Kyler's Vine account:

"Fab Melo in rebounding beast mode:"

"Fab Melo really working his conditioning and low post"

"The are making Fab Melo really work... Lots of running and jumping with shooting"

While Melo might be working hard, the bigger question is whether we will see drastic improvements in his sophomore season from his rookie year. Melo came in with size and raw talent, and spent most of last season working his game in the D-League (when he was not walking into doors or breaking folding chairs). He had some great performances in the D-League (including this 15 point/16 rebounds/14 blocks triple-double and this 32 point/9 rebound/9 block game), but his D-League exploits didn't seem to translate well to his floor time during NBA games. Will Fab have developed enough over the summer to be a contributing big for the Celtics next year? Vote in the poll below: