Update: Celtics trade Fab Melo to the Grizzlies for Donte Greene

UPDATE: He's gone. From the Celtics press release. Wonder how much cash the C's are kicking in?

The Boston Celtics announced today that they have acquired forward Donte Greene from Memphis in exchange for center Fab Melo and cash considerations.

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The Fab Melo era looks like it could be over before it ever really started. This is from Ronald Tillery, Grizzlies beat writer for Commerical-Appeal in Memphis.

A few notes on why the Celtics may do this Orangeman for Orangeman deal:

1. Greene's $1,027,424 salary for 2013-14 is un-guaranteed. This is a big deal as Melo's $1,311,240 salary is guaranteed. The Celtics are currently ~$800,000 over the luxury tax and badly want to get below it. By making this deal and cutting Greene, they would temporarily get $500,000 below the tax. They would still need to fill the 15th spot on the roster, but they could easily sign someone for less than what Melo was making, making this deal a net positive on the cap situation.

2. It lessons the gluttony at the 4/5. Celtics currently have Melo, Faverani, Humphries, Bass, Olynyk and Sullinger fighting for minutes at two spots. This removes one player from that equation and could allow the C's to bring in either another point guard (in case Rondo isn't ready) or perhaps depth at the wing.

3. Melo just isn't going to work out. Did you see him during the summer league? He's slow, moves awkwardly, has poor instincts, his offensive game is non-existant and he isn't a very good rebounder. I know he's new to basketball, but it's nearly impossible to imagine him becoming a helpful NBA player at any time in the near future. It was a risk last season with the 22nd pick, and it didn't work out.

Of course this deal isn't final yet, but if Tillery is correct, don't expect Greene to stick around. He hasn't played in the NBA since 2011-12 and his career numbers (6.1 PPG, 2.4 RPG, 40.6% FG as a power forward) and lack of upside make him a long shot to be the 15th man.

We'll keep you posted on this as more develops.

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