Kelly Olynyk dealing with plantar fasciitis injury, won't play for team Canada this summer

Well, this sucks.

Celtics rookie Kelly Olynyk, fresh off of his breakout performance in the Orlando summer league, is currently dealing with plantar fasciitis in his foot. From MassLive's Jay King.

According to Toronto Raptors radio broadcaster Eric Smith, Olynyk won't play for the Canadian national team this summer because of plantar fasciitis. The condition, common among athletes, causes pain in the sole of a foot and generally requires rest to heal. Without proper rest, some cases of plantar fasciitis can last months.

"He’s so keen about wanting to play, but the Celtics had some concerns," Canadian national team head coach Jay Triano told the Toronto Star.

Plantar fasciitis is notoriously a difficult injury to get over, but it also comes in all different shapes and sizes. For example, the Angels Albert Pujols was just shut down indefinitely with a tear in his plantar caused by playing through plantar fasciitis for over five years. No bueno.

Thankfully, Olynyk's injury doesn't appear to be nearly as serious. From the Boston Globe's Baxter Holmes.

In general fasciitis will subside with enough rest, and is made worse by continued exercise. With exactly three months to go before the start of the NBA season, Olynyk should have plenty of time to (hopefully) shake off the pain in his foot.

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