Olynyk ranked No. 2 rookie of Summer League by SB Nation

SB Nation has ranked all of the rookies of the 2013 Summer League and Boston's Olynyk comes in as the second best player behind Charlotte's Cody Zeller.

Olynyk's offensive skills were really impressive in Orlando, but he also hit some difficult shots that he may not hit in the regular season.
(Olynyk) opened many eyes in Orlando and was probably the most consistent offensive rookie out there. Be happy, Celtics fans.

Depending on how Olynyk's recently diagnosed plantar fasciitis heals, he could be a very nice player to build on with his sweet jumper and ability to create space to get open looks.

Coming in at No. 3 was Dennis Schroeder, the German point guard who had been linked to the Celtics before the draft. The comparisons of Schroeder to a current Celtic don't seem to be cooling off the more that people in this country watch his game.

The most impressive 11-point, six-assist, 3.5-turnover, 34-percent shooter of all time. OK, maybe that's slight hyperbole, but Schroeder really turned heads in Las Vegas in ways that went beyond his statistics. He played at a pace advanced for his 19 years of age, gliding in jagged lines while beautifully changing speeds to manipulate any sort of room. He developed brilliant chemistry on the pick-and-roll with fellow rookie Lucas Nogueira, and handled a heavy offensive load well by finding his other three teammates for open shots. Defensively, he was brilliant, cutting off and hounding even the best lead guards he checked. He honestly looked like a young Rajon Rondo.

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