Colton Iverson headed to Turkey?

Here's something you should know about Turkish sports media before you read this post: They love creating transfer rumors, especially when it comes to soccer. NBA trade deadline day could be slow compared to any given off-season day in Turkish sports.

That being said, a Besiktas news website has just reported that Colton Iverson has agreed to terms to play in Turkey for Semih Erden, Allen Iverson and Deron Williams' ex-team. Undrafted/unsigned players fresh out of college often go to Europe and play basketball there, and Turkish league is one of the strongest in Europe (along with Spain, Italy and Greece). Iverson's playing style (hustle, rebounding and dirty work) suits the European understanding of basketball quite well, so that would be a good experience for him. Besiktas supporters would love him since he would provide an upgrade for their Center who had similar characteristics but couldn't convert free throws for his life. I'm not kidding, his season average was %36.9.

Again, I don't know whether this news will come to fruition but if it does, it would be a valuable internship opportunity for Iverson. Since the Celtics' roster is already filled after signing Pressey, it makes sense that Iverson plays abroad for a year.